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Our Board and Staff.  Our board consists of eight members.  Barry Eldal, chair; Pastor Noah Ruppert, secretary; and the rest of the board members serve at large:  Pastor Craig Bock, Robert Green, Pat Anderson, Randy Rathman, Manivanh Syhanath, and Kamphan Saythonhgphet.   Our board meets at least four times a year and they oversee the mission, ministry, finance, and work of the staff.


Our Staff consists of Pastor Tom LoVan, Executive Director, Karin Garr, Administrative Assistant, and Pastor Mark Vander Tuig, Ministry Coordinator.  Pastor Tom LoVan is an associate pastor at Morningside and the church dedicates a part of his time as their pastor to LAM, Pastor Vander Tuig is compensated by two generous gifts given for his travel, expenses and time.  Karin Garr works part time for LAM with a salary, so that we can financially operate with integrity and transparency.