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January 2021

LAM is working in five countries:  Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.  Each nation has a unique context for the Gospel to be shared.


The Lutheran Church of Myanmar is led by Pastor Martin Lalthangliana. This association of congregations develops, supports and maintains five orphanages throughout Yangon, the capital city.

In these orphanages the children are involved in daily Bible study and worship.  They are nourished with the Good News of the Gospel so that they might live knowing that God loves them and has a purpose for their lives.  They may have been abandoned by the culture, but Jesus has not forgotten them.

We are also working with a young  evangelist in Yangon and throughout the region.  Paul Muang Win is reaching people who have have never heard the Gospel, doing crusades in many cities, towns and regions.  When LAM was able to send financial support to Paul, he used it to buy food and distribute it to the poorest of the population.  He started his ministry in the capital city with youth but has expanded now to the entire nation.


LAM's work in Thailand is primarily with a group of people in the mountainous region of Thailand. The groups we work with are ethnic minorities, among them are the Hmong.  A few years ago, Pastor LoVan was visiting with these people and telling them about Jesus.  The tribal King became interested and finally came to faith.  As a result the entire tribe was baptized numbering hundreds of people.  Today those same people and others who have joined their number worship together in a church building high up in the mountains.

Prior to their conversion, their primary crop was opium, today they grow strawberries in the same fields and are providing for their people.
Thailand has a population of almost 70 million people and less than 1% are Christian.  Their primary religion is Buddhist making up 95% of the population.


We have about 50 house churches throughout the countryside of Vietnam from the south in Ho Chi Minh to the north in Son La.  Our primary work is taking place in the northern province where we have introduced the name of Jesus to a group of people who just in the last 10 years gained access to electricity!  Here is Pastor LoVan sharing the Gospel with them.

Today, because of that invitation, we have churches who are meeting in a hotel and numbering about 250 people in Son La, and another 150 people in Dien Bien Phu, the city where Ho Chi Minh began the communist revolution.

Our missionary in the region of Hanoi is working with an ethic minority translating the Scripture into their language.  But because they have no written language he is using music to communicate the Gospel.

The mission work in Vietnam has to be extremely cautious because it is illegal to evangelize here.  Christians can meet together but must not exceed a certain number of people in any one place.  And some of our pastors/leaders have been imprisoned for exceeding this number.  It  is more difficult in the countryside than in the major cities because cities tend to be more difficult to police. Even so, the Gospel is moving and drawing more people to Christ.  Pictured here is Pastor LoVan baptizing 5 adults who now lead the churches in the northern province!


The Gospel has had a great impact in Cambodia, primarily as a result of the leadership of Pastor Samuel Chim.  This country is also one of the most open to the Gospel in Southeast Asia.  Pastor Chim is now overseeing the training of over 15 pastors throughout the country.  Pastor Chim meets with them regularly to better equip them for the ministry they are carrying out with the the house churches in their area.

Pastor Chim's vision is to be able to secure a total of 50 hectares, right now he has 5, in order to grow Cassava, a crop in Cambodia that is similar to potatoes, a vegetable that is used in a variety of products.  If we can get this done, Pastor Chim could provide minimal financial support to 30 pastors.  This would in turn free them up to do more evangelism and to train more of their own people to do the same.